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Destoroyah (G-12)

Destoroyah (G-12)

This Bandai Destroyah is the twelfth of the multi-figure Godzilla Island Series, and one of the more interesting, as it varies from the standard issue by Bandai from 1995 in numerous ways. Firstly is the fact that the wings on the figure can be opened and spread apart, while the larger toy's cannot. The G Island Destroyah also has a flatter paint on the highlights, instead of the shiny, metallic one used on the larger version's head, shoulders, and torso. However, the G Island Destroyah, like others in the series, has somewhat limited articulation, and it's arms, neck, and head are immobile.

Like all of the figures in the series, Destroyah is smaller in scale than older versions, being approximately 6 inches in height, as opposed to the 9 inches of the earlier incarnation. The figure is numbered in sequence with the entire Godzilla Island set, making him number 12 in the series.

The Godzilla Island release of Destoroyah is one of the most difficult to find tagged G Island releases. This came about as a result of Bandai halting production early to start making figures for the new Mothra movie, and the resulting change in tag design.

All of the first 12 figures in the series have a similarly designed tag, showing characters from the Godzilla Island TV show on one side and an image of the daikaiju/mecha upon which the toy is based upon the other. The tag interior has text in Japanese and an image of the General(?) who is pictured on the back of the tag. Newer, Toho Kaiju Series tags have been seen for reissues of many of the first 12 figures as well. However, with the change in names of the series from Godzilla Island to Toho Kaiju in late 1998 with G-13, figures from the original 12 have started showing up with redesigned, Toho Kaiju Series tags similar to G-13 and beyond. The inside of the new tag is different as well.

Rereleased in 2001 as a part of the Movie Monsters series, Destroyah sports a slightly different paint style and a new tag.

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