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Godzilla High Grade 9

Godzilla High Grade 9
This is the nineth Godzilla high grade set by Bandai. It was released at the end of 2002 with the movie Godzilla v. Mechagodzilla. There are six figures in the set. The 74 Godzilla has an extra arm with a bit of Mechagodzilla's armor showing through. You can make the figure a 74 Godzilla or the 74 Mechagodzilla disguesed as Godzilla. The other figures are Godzilla 2003, Mechagodzilla 2003, Flying Mecha Ghidorah, King Seesar, 74 Mechagodzilla. The 74 Mechagodzilla is much improved over the 74 Mechagodzilla in the high grade 4 set.

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Variations, Set, or Series Pieces

74 Mechagodzilla

Flying Mecha Ghidorah

Godzilla 2003

Godzilla 74

Godzilla 74(Mechagodzilla)

King Seesar

Mechagodzilla 2003