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Godzilla High Grade 11

Godzilla High Grade 11

Godzilla High Grade 11, contains seven figures, with Kumonga and Kamakiras available in one capsule. Unlike previous High Grade sets, every figure in this one is featured in the movie it was released in support of, Godzilla Final Wars due to the sheer number of kaiju appearing in the film.

The Fire Mothra sculpt is a reissue of the one from High Grade 10 but molded in translucent red. Gigan has an interchangable head and hands i order to create the supercharged Gigan towards the end of the film. The figures included in this set are:

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Variations, Set, or Series Pieces

Fire Mothra

Gigan 2005

Godzilla 2005

Kamakiras & Kumonga

Monster X

Rodan 2005