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Godzilla High Grade 3

Godzilla High Grade 3

This is the third series in the High Grade series. It was released in 1997. The set includes a a 54 Godzilla, 64 Godzilla, Death Ghidorah, Mothra, Aqua Mothra, Super X and Super X-II. The set was released in capsules and came with a catalog insert. Excluding the ships, each figure is nicely painted and required assembly. There is a display card that was used in the capsule vending machines.

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Variations, Set, or Series Pieces

Aqua Mothra

Death Ghidorah

Godzilla 1954 (Shodai-Goji)

Godzilla 1964 (Mosu-Goji)

Mothra (Adult, Post-Heisei)

Super-X, Super-X2