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Godzilla High Grade 5

Godzilla High Grade 5

This set of 3" fully-painted figures was released in December 1998 to coincide with the theatrical release of Mothra 3 in Japan. The set includes Godzilla 1989 (from Godzilla vs. Biollante), Armored Mothra, Cretaceous Period King Ghidorah, Baragon '65 (from Frankenstein Conquers the World), Gorosaurus '67 (from King Kong Escapes) and Rodan '56. The figures come unassembled in plastic capsules and are dispensed via vending machines in Japan for 200 each.

In comparison to earlier HG Godzilla releases, this set is outstanding with the figures being painted in realistic, flat colors. The Armored Mothra is a bit larger than most HG-scaled figures and comes with a clear plastic stand for display--an indication that Bandai is gearing these capsule toy sets more towards the adult collector's market which has made them a big hit in Japan.

Capsule toy display paper is a cardboard insert (about 9"x10" in size) that fits into the front glass of the vending machine; this is used to advertise the particluar capsule toy that is being offered in each vending machine. The capsules are then poured into the glass tank behind the display paper, creating an attractive display (better than looking at a bunch of capsules that basically all look the same!).

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Armored Mothra


Godzilla 1989 (Bio-Goji)


Hakuaki-Kata King Ghidorah