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Hyper Godzilla +1

Hyper Godzilla +1

The Hyper +1 candy set was released in 2002 in conjunction with Godzilla X MechaGodzilla. All of the figures except Godzilla 1984 were issued in the Hyper Godzilla 2002 set, although the G 84 was itself issued in the Godzilla History Figure Set, continuing a history of the two Bandai lines crossing over.

Other than the new packaging, each figure does include an accessory that hasn't been previously available. In addition, the Godzilla 1984 was extremely shortpacked, bringing the cost of acquiring a complete set up a good bit. The Ghidorah was also shortpacked, but is not difficult to find. The figures are numbered.

The box features the accessory piece in detail on the back, all of the figures in the series on the side, and the assembly instructions for the figure on the inside of the box (thus the perforated line up one side).

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Variations, Set, or Series Pieces

01. Godzilla 54, Oxygen Destroyer

02. Godzilla 01, Satsuma Sub

03. King Ghidorah, Xian Ship

04. Baragon, Maser Cannon

05. Mothra, Maser Cannon

06. Godzilla 84, Super-X