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Obviously, there is a wide variety of stuff out there to collect and, of course, some of it is so unique and esoteric it simply doesn't fit well into any set category large enough to warrant it's own section. Thus the need for the miscellaneous gallery. You might notice that some stuff will be rotating in and out of this section, as other galleries open that prove to fit certain pieces nicely.

Vinyl Figures

Year Preview Title
1968Abura Sumashi by Nitto
1968Hitotume Kozou by Nitto
1968Ikkaku Daioh By Nitto
1968Karakasa-Kozo by Nitto
1968Ushioni by Nitto
1971Gappa By Nitto, 8 Inches
1971Kittyfire Giant Walking, by Yonezawa
1978Gappa By Nitto, 6 Inches
1978Godzilla By Carlin Playthings
1978Godzilla Mattel Shogun Warrior
1978King Kong Ark Die-Cast
1978Mattel Godzilla's Gang Series
1979HG Toys' Godzilla Battles The Tricephalon Set
1979Rodan Mattel World's Greatest Monsters
1982Aian By Enterprise
1982Big Eye
1982Darkron By Enterprise
1982Garuban By Arc
1982Godzilla Beetland Lamp
1982Invalar By Enterprise
1982Kameregon By Enterprise
1982King Wanda By Enterprise
1982Kittyfire By Enterprise
1982Bag of Mirrorman Kaiju
1982Mirrorman Set By Enterprise
1982Muruchi By Arc
1982Muruchi By Enterprise
1982Sufenodon By Enterprise
1983Godzilla Beetland Bank
1983Godzilla Beetland Pencil Sharpener
1983Godzilla Driving Wind-Up, By Beetland
1983Godzilla Key Chain
1983Godzilla Small Scale, By Beetland
1983Godzilla Swinging, By Beetland
1984Godzilla Beetland Phone Rest
1991IMS Crystal Godzilla Figure Set
1991IMS Godzilla Figure Set
1992King Ghidorah (Showa) Firing, By Tomy
1992Rodan Firing, By Tomy
1993Godzilla 1954 (Shodai-Goji) Marui Remote Controlled Figure
1993Godzilla 1993 (Rado-Goji) By Horizon
1993Godzilla 1993 (Rado-Goji) High Pure Series By Timehouse
1993Tomy Batcom Battle Set
1994Godzilla 1989 (Bio-Goji) Marui Remote Controlled Figure
1994Godzilla 1993 (Rado-Goji) Charmy Water Godzilla, By Tomy
1994Mothra (Larva, Heisei) Marui Remote Controlled Figure
1994Concorde Egg Figures
1997Godzilla 1954 (Shodai-Goji) By Medicom
1998Gargantua (U.S.A.) 20th Century Fox Promo
1998Godzilla 1962 (King-Goji) By Medicom
1998Miss Namikawa Doll By General Entertainment Co., Ltd.
1998Concorde Remote Controlled SD Figures
1998Yonggary DX, by Sonokong
1999Gamera By Modern Toys
1999Gamera 1999 By Kaiyodo
1999Irys By Kaiyodo
1999Furuta Gamera Key Chain Set
1999Yonggary by Sonokong
1999Yonggary Keychain
2000Atragon By Toyland
2000Godzilla Promo Bank
2001Baltan Soap Bottle By US Toys
2001Toy Pirates Biollante and Godzilla 1989 (Bio-Goji) Figure Set
2002Barugon By Sega
2002Barugon By Slash
2002Gamera By Slash
2002Gamera Carded, By Sega
2002Gamera Set of Four, By Slash
2002Gamera 1995 Carded, By Sega
2002Gamera 1999 By Sega
2002Gyaos By Slash
2002Gyaos Set of Four by Slash
2002Kanegon by US Toys
2002Godzilla v. Ghidorah by Uni-Five
2002Godzilla v. Mothra by Uni-Five
2002Konami Ghidorah, Godzilla 54, Angilas Shooter Set G-03
2002Konami Godzilla Shooter G-01
2002Konami Mechagodzilla Shooter G-02
2002Konami Mothra, Larva, Godzilla 64 Shooter Set G-04
2002Konami Versus Field G-05
2002Sunguts Godzilla 2001 and Baragon 2001
2002Neronga Soap Bottle By US Toys
2002Pegila Soap Bottle By US Toys
2002Ultraman Soap Bottle By US Toys
2002Ultraseven by US Toys
2002Zigra Set of Four, By Slash
2003Gamera by Sega
2003Godzilla Dash Series by Konami
2003Godzilla 1954 (Shodai-Goji) Konami Dash Charge Battler
2003Godzilla 1964 (Mosu-Goji) Konami Dash Charge Battler
2003Godzilla 2002 (Kiryu-Goji) Konami Dash Charge Battler
2003Godzilla 2002 (Kiryu-Goji) Konami RC
2003Godzilla 2002 (Kiryu-Goji) Konami Shooter
2003Gomess Small By US Toys
2003Gomess Soap Bottle By US Toys
2003Goro Small By US Toys
2003Guiron by Sega
2003Guiron Set of Four by Slash
2003Gyaos, Space by Sega
2003Hedorah Build-up by Toy Pirates
2003Kanegon Small By US Toys
2003King Ghidorah (Heisei) Dash Series by Konami
2003MechaGodzilla 1974 Konami Dash Charge Battler
2003MechaGodzilla 2002 Dash Series by Konami
2003MechaGodzilla 2003 Konami Dash Charge Battler
2003MechaGodzilla 2003 Konami RC
2003MechaGodzilla 2003 Konami Shooter
2003Mothra (Adult, Post-Heisei) Konami Shooter
2003Mothra (Larva, 2003) Konami RC
2003Bottle Cap Set 2 by Jun Planning
2003Gamera, Barugon, Gyoas Set by Slash
2003Gamera, Jaiger, Gyoas, Zigra Puppet Set by Chikyudou
2003Godzilla and Hedorah set by Iwakura
2003Konami Godzilla 84, Space Godzilla, Super-X Shooter Set G-07
2003Konami Mechagodzilla, Rodan, Gigan Shooter Set G-06
2003UltraQ Set - Ragon, Kemur Seijin, Semi Ningen by US Toys
2003Ragon Small by US Toys
2004Booska Bank by Nastalgic Heroes
2004Booska by Nastalgic Heroes
2004Gezora Mini by Charactics
2004Godzilla Popy Fighting Reissue by Slash
2004Hedorah by CCP
2004Hedorah Medium by Charactics
2004Hedorah Mini by Charactics
2004Kanegon by Nastalgic Heroes
2004Kemur Seijin Diorama by US Toys
2004King Ghidorah (Showa) Popy Reissue by Slash
2004Ragon Diorama by US Toys
2004Zazahn by CCP
2005Baltan Mini
2005Garamon by Nastalgic Heroes
2005Garamon by US Toys
2005Giant Gorilla by Butanohana
2005Gigan Popy Reissue by Slash
2005Godzilla by Tomy
2005Godzilla Maquette by Pilot Ace
2005Godzilla 1954 (Shodai-Goji) by US Toys
2005Godzilla 1962 (King-Goji) by Butanohana
2005Godzilla 1962 (King-Goji) by US Toys
2005Godzilla 1964 (Mosu-Goji) by US Toys
2005Godzilla 1967 (Musuko-Goji) by Butanohana
2005Godzilla 1971 (Hedo-Goji) by CCP
2005Godzilla 1989 (Bio-Goji) by US Toys
2005Godzilla 2001 (Soukougecki-Goji) by Sunguts
2005Hedorah 2nd Mold by Charactics
2005Hedorah Crawling, by CCP
2005Hedorah Flying, by CCP
2005Hedorah Giant Damaged, by CCP
2005Hedorah IKB Style
2005Hedorah SD by Charactics
2005Hedorah Tadpol 2 by CCP
2005Hedorah Underwater by CCP
2005Jiras Mini by US Toys
2005King Ghidorah (Post-Heisei) by Sunguts
2005King Ghidorah (Showa) by CCP
2005Matango Mini by Charactics
2005MechaGodzilla 1974 Popy Reissue by Slash
2005Octopus by Butanohana
2005Pegila Small By US Toys
2005Varan by CCP
2006Biollante by Charactics
2006Ebirah by CCP
2006Gamera 1999 by CCP
2006Garamon Medium By US Toys
2006Gigan by Pilot Ace
2006Gigan by Solvi Life
2006Godzilla Giant Pretty by Sofvi Life
2006Godzilla Tank, Charactics
2006Godzilla 1962 (King-Goji) by Pilot Ace
2006Godzilla 1964 (Mosu-Goji) by Pilot Ace
2006Godzilla 1964 (Mosu-Goji) With Mothra Larva by CCP
2006Godzilla 1967 (Musuko-Goji) With Minya by Pilot Ace
2006Hedorah Diorama, Charactics
2006Hedorah Medium 2 Damaged by Charactics
2006Hedorah Mini By CCP
2006Hedorah Mini Damaged, by Charactics
2006Hedorah Solvi Life
2006Jiras by CCP
2006Kemur Seijin and UltraQ Car by US Toys
2006King Ghidorah (Showa) By Pilot Ace
2006King Kong by Apes
2006King Kong Escapes by Apes
2006Godzilla Lucky Bag Toho by Pilot Ace
2007Baragon by Slash
2007Gigan Small, US Toys
2007Godzilla 1954 (Shodai-Goji) Giant
2007Godzilla 1965-66 (Daisenso-Goji) By Pilot Ace
2007Godzilla 1995 (Desu-Goji) By CCP
2007Godzilla 2001 (Soukougecki-Goji) By CCP
2007Hedorah By Pilot Ace
2007Hedorah Final Wars, By Charactics
2007Hedorah Medium By CCP
2007Hedorah Small, US Toys
2007Hedorah Standing 2, By CCP
2007Hedorah Tank by Charactics
2007Hedorah With Smoke Stack, by CCP
2007Kanegon Giant by US Toys
2007MechaGodzilla 1974 Plane, By Charactics
2007Mothra (Larva, Showa)
2007Lucky Bag By Pilot Ace
2007Pilot Ace Red Lucky Bag
2007Toho 65 Lucky Bag, By Pilot Ace
2007Rodan By Pilot Ace
2007Rodan By Slash
2007Semi Ningen and Space Ship by US Toys
2008Godzilla By Charactics
2008Godzilla Popy Style, By Slash
2008Godzilla 1954 (Shodai-Goji)
2008Guilala By Charactics
2008Hedorah Arms Out, By CCP
2008Kanegon Sitting, By US Toys
2008MechaGodzilla 1974 By Charactics
2008MechaGodzilla 1974 By Pilot Ace
2008MechaGodzilla 1974 Tank By Charactics
2008Minya Tank By Charactics
2009Baragon by US Toys
2009Baragon Crawling, by US Toys
2010Godzilla 1962 (King-Goji)
2014Godzilla 1962 (King-Goji) By Sunguts