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Trendmasters MechaGodzilla 1993 Hardcopy

Trendmasters MechaGodzilla 1993 Head Sculpt

Trendmasters MechaGodzilla 1993 Unreleased Prototype Head

Bandai Godzilla Great Showdown

Bandai Godzilla Tanjo Egg Set

Bandai Godzilla Great Battle Special

Bandai Godzilla Tanjo 2 Egg Set

Bandai Mothra Tanjo Egg Set

Bandai Real Godzilla 3

Bandai DX Real Godzilla

Bandai Big Scale Godzilla

Bandai SD Gojira 2

Bandai FB (Future Boom) Collection 1

Bandai FB (Future Boom) Collection 2

Bandai FB (Future Boom) Collection 3

Bandai Real Godzilla 3

Bandai Real Godzilla 4

Bandai Godzilla Sofubi Kit 1

Bandai Godzilla Sofubi Kit 2

Yutaka MechaGodzilla 1993 Bagged

Yutaka MechaGodzilla 1993

Yutaka MechaGodzilla 1993 Wind-Up

Bandai MechaGodzilla 1993 (G-04)

Bandai Fire Rodan

Bandai King Seesar

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