Club Tokyo

About club tokyo

Club Tokyo is a web application cataloging and compiling data related to kaiju and tokusatsu toy collecting. It is the largest resource available documenting the hobby and history of kaiju and daikaiju collecting in English.

First online 28-Jul-98, Club T was Richard's brainchild and originally housed on a university server at A month later, Mike hopped on board and, armed with both his extensive knowledge and collection, the site took off. Needless to say, Club Tokyo quickly outgrew Richard's meager web space and the site moved to And there it resided until 21-Jan-00, when Richard bought the domain where the site has found its permanent home. In 2020-2021, Mike rewrote the codebase from scratch and restructured the entire database while also exponentially growing the content.

Club Tokyo has been taught in a University of Delaware course ("Comsumerism in Modern Japan"), featured on the AMC television channel, and contacted by The National Geographic Society.