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Disclaimer & image use policy

Godzilla and all related characters mentioned on this site are © copyright Toho Co., Ltd..

Gamera, Daimajin, and all related characters mentioned on this site are © copyright Daiei.

Ultraman and all related characters mentioned on this site are © copyright Tsuburaya Productions.

Club Tokyo is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Toho, Daiei, Tsuburaya Productions, or anyone else for that matter, though it would be nice! Content of this site is intended solely for private use, thus no part of it should be downloaded for purposes of sale, rental, or other commercial use.

All images are from actual pieces in personal collections and thus are not generic pictures from elsewhere, including the Internet, magazines, books, or anywhere else. If you know of any copyrighted images on the site please e-mail me. Action will be taken immediately upon review of the potentially offending material. All graphics are also original and thus copyrighted. If you wish to use any of the images on this site you must contact Club Tokyo and get permission first. For more information, please see our Image Use Policy below.

Image use policy

Using Club Tokyo images for profit

Certain People love using our images on eBay and elsewhere without permission. This is something we are very much against in both principal and practice for a number of reasons.

If you're wanting to use our images for profit, first and foremost you should know that you are doing people a disservice by not showing them the very same toy or collectible you are selling, but instead merely the same type of toy. How is the bidder to know about any defects or differences. For this reason you are rendering your sale suspect to fraud from the beginning.

Secondly, you've apparently not read our disclaimer above. in short, all images on this site are copyrighted. None are generic images from elsewhere on the web and are from actual pieces in personal collections. All images are © Club Tokyo and the owner of the image and/or item pictured. The only exception to this rule is when we have been granted permission to use outside images. Many people fail to realize that just because we make these images and descriptions freely available for personal use that they are public domain. They are not, and our rights will be enforced on this issue as best we can, especially when it involves the possible misleading of fellow collectors and the making of money off of our efforts.

It's the 21st century. If you don't have access to a camera in your pocket by now in order to sell your wares, then we can't help you.

For Your Web Site

First, ask yourself why. Secondly, if you're one of the MANY wikis stealing our images, you're horrible people.

Remember common courtesy.

For Personal, Non-public Use

Have fun. That's what the site's for. Print them out, download them, put them in 3-ring binders, I don't care. As long as the site's useful and being used for reference then the sky's your limit. But if our work is THAT useful to you, may I suggest throwing a couple bucks a month at our Patreon?