Godzilla General
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Released in 1966, this is not only the first Marusan Godzuilla figure, but the first vinyl figure of Godzilla ever produced. Which obviously makes it a figure with quite a bit of historical significance. Like with most vintage vinyls, there are multiple variations of both mold and paint colors. Marusan released Godzilla in both green and brown colors. Interestingly, the look of the figure is based on an earlier Marusan model kit, which was itself inspired by the Aurora kits.Bullmark later reused this very same mold in their 1970 Godzilla. Some of the figures contains the Marusan copyright on both feet while some only on one foot.
Character : Godzilla General (ゴジラ)
Manufacturer : Marusan (マルサン)
Initial release : 1966
Series : Vintage
Show : Toho Eiga
Category : Standard Vinyls
Original Mold :